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Undip Press berdiri tahun 2004. Saat ini, mesin-mesin yang mendukung kegiatan percetakan di Undip Press adalah : Mesin cetak Hamada WH satu unit, Mesin Risograph dua unit, Mesin cetak Gestetner satu unit, Mesin Binding Super Binding satu unit, Mesin potong kertas satu Unit, Mesin Risocollator dua unit


Special Features

Unique Navbar

Nite features an optional fixed navbar and in addition, you have the option to animate it on a scroll event. This theme prodivies a centered logo position between the menu items.

Flexible Positions

Nearly all theme position renderings can simply be customized in the Warp UI. You can choose from 5 background colors and 3 different paddings which makes the theme very versatile.

Fullscreen area

Nite also comes with another modern theme feature. We’ve included the option to add a fullscreen position where you can publish eye-catching content which adapts perfectly to your browser window size.
This theme is available for JoomlaJoomla and WordpressWordPress including the same features on each system.